Thursday, May 22, 2008

May mystery socks .....

Well I was planning to knit three pairs of socks this month for the ska group but have seem to have gotten stuck on the mystery sock. I've tore it out and started it three times or better... I lost track. Let me say first this is my first color work project , second that the pattern changed for the second clue ( thank god because the first 2nd clue was way too long) and third but most important I think is that I was having Issues with the colors I was using. I am making this sock out of scraps from my stash and most of my yarns are or the variegated or self striping type so it was hard to find colors that coincided with each other and I'm still really not sure I like them! but I will soldier on.

this was my progress after clue #one I have now finished clue #2 and am beginning work on clue # three.

I think this time I will stick with this color combination.... It is certainly different from most of my other socks and I really like doing the color work. I love working from a chart its more interesting to me.